Monday, December 10, 2012

Mug Monday

I haven't done a Mug Monday post since this summer, but last week I got another one!  It was a gift from Ivy, one of our student leaders, and one of the girls I get the privilege of spending time with every week; and it seemed appropriate that she gave me a mug.  Every Tuesday morning she comes over to my apartment, I brew a pot of coffee, we fix a cup, and settle into the corners of my couches.  Her on the red one, and me on the dingy-but-so-comfy whitish one.  We talk about school, guys, ministry, God - and I've really come to love these Tuesday morning coffee dates.

And I really do love the mug too.  I'm picky about Christmas mugs; I don't like them to be too themed or decorated.  This one is cute and simple though, and I like the hourglass-like shape.  I've seen lots of mugs recently with that shape and really liked them, and now I've got one!

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