Sunday, December 2, 2012


Obviously this is a little late for a Thanksgiving recap, but I still wanted to do it.  My family went to Maine for Thanksgiving this year! That's where my dad's whole family lives, and my cousin and her family drove over from Michigan.  I hadn't been to Maine in about six years I think, and it's been that long since we've all been together too.  While literally half of my time off was spent in the car, and our two days in Maine were very busy and full, I'm so glad we went!  

After our Thanksgiving lunch I introduced my cousins to the Mac photo booth.

Then we we drove into Portland and visited the Portland Head Light.

The coast in Maine is rocky, not sandy.

I love sun glare :)

Just doing my thing.

I love that you can see the moon in this one!

Jonathan, Amanda, Mom, and I.

After that we went to Freeport and went to the L.L. Bean store.  We tried on hats and I got up close and personal with some fish!

On Friday we drove to Kennybunk where we climbed around on the rocks for a while and ate seafood of course!  Later in the day we also got pizza and ice-cream twice!  All from local places.

That's George Bush's summer home in the back.

Seaweed in a tide pool.

It was kind of bizarre to be so close to the waves and hear them crashing, and smell the salt water, yet be wearing boots, a scarf, hat, and gloves.

Family picture.


  1. These are such good pictures! I especially like the one with you and the fish :)

  2. All of your pictures are so beautiful! We want to go visit the coast of Maine sometime. I think my mom has a picture in their house of that same lighthouse from their trip up there! So pretty!


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