Sunday, October 2, 2011

Ashley's Visit

This weekend was a great one because one of my bestest friends, Ashley, came and visited me!  Other than my parents and sister, she is the first person from Virginia to come visit me in Tennessee and I was quite excited!  We spent Friday evening just talking and catching up, and then we went to Menchies. Saturday I showed her around Milligan and then we went into downtown Elizabethton.  We walked down the main street, stopping in a few antique shops and going to the covered bridge  It's gotten really chilly this weekend, so by the time we'd walked back to The Coffee Company, where we were going to have lunch, we were very ready to be inside and enjoy a warm lunch.  From there we headed into Johnson City where we hit up two of the Goodwills.  Ashley has been on a search for a large mirror to fix up and hang in their bedroom, and she found one for $20!  We also visited the sports store in the mall because she's been looking for a VT garden flag.  When we walked in, the young 20 something sales associate starting flirting mercilessly with us until Ashley mentioned her husband, and then he just quit and went into the back room.  It was quite humorous.  We killed time at Barnes & Noble before heading to ETSU where I showed her around before going to the office for a little bit.  Then we had dinner at Cheddars, and despite the fact that it was very cold, stopped and got milkshakes at Cookout.  We went home, changed into sweats and slippers, and buried ourselves under blankets so we could actually drink the milkshakes without shivering like crazy.  Then this morning we went to church and then she had to head home.  It was such a fun and relaxing weekend, and made me so much more thankful for the friends that have been in my life forever!  
p.s. If you don't recognize the name of any of the places I mentioned, it's because they're obviously local places, which is where you take an out-of-town friend.

Getting ready to watch a movie and enjoy our milkshakes!

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  1. Sounds like such a fun weekend!! Caleb and I also ate at Cheddars last night and I was wondering if you guys were too :) great minds think alike!


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