Sunday, October 2, 2011

ID Violations & Traffic Violations

I'm behind in my posts and am trying to catch up, so this one is for Thursday, September 29th.  It's me and Hannah at another intramural football game.  Hannah was supposed to be playing, but she had been basically disqualified for that game.  Before the game starts, all of the students have to turn in their ID card to prove that they are actually a student currently enrolled at the university.  The picture on Hannah's ID was so worn that you couldn't recognize her, so she wasn't allowed to play, and can't until she gets a new one made.  Also, to make this post a bit more interesting...On my way to the game I got pulled over on campus for speeding, 33 in a 20.  And the place where I pulled off the road was behind the cafeteria, so all of the workers were out there smoking and staring at me, and all these students were driving by and saw me; it was quite embarrassing.  Thankfully though, I didn't get a real ticket, and it won't go on my driving record.  I just have to pay the school $35.  Not fun, but better than a $100+ ticket.

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