Saturday, October 8, 2011

Cooking & Crafting

Like I mentioned in my post this morning, Eliza and I were going to make chili today.  Which we did, and it is currently bubbling in the crock pots and making my kitchen smell yummy.  And we did all of cooking while wearing cute aprons.  I strongly believe that cooking is much more enjoyable if you're wearing a cute apron.

 Tomorrow I'm co-teaching the preschool Sunday school class at church for the first time, and I am sooo excited!  The lesson is about how God provided manna for the Israelites.  For the craft, the kids will get little paper plates and will glue pictures of food cut out from magazines onto it, and we'll talk about how God provides for us as well.  So, I spent part of this evening going through all of my magazines cutting out pictures of food.

I also Mod Podged a journal tonight.  There is this one style of notebook that I really like, and I always buy the same one, in the same pattern: brown with big purple polka dots.  My old one is all used up, so I went to get a new one, but they didn't have it anymore.  So I got a different one and decided to fix it up.  I went to Michael's yesterday and found two cute sheets of scrapbook paper which, I covered the each side of the notebook with.  I'm leaving it like this for now, but I'll probably end up adding stuff to it over time.

Confession: my socks don't match today. 

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