Thursday, October 13, 2011

Monkeys & Fish

A while back my mom had written me a card, and she included a $20 in, just because (because she's good like that).  She said to save it for a rainy day, which I did - literally.  Today was a very rainy day here in East Tennessee, and apparently it was in Greenville, South Carolina too, because my friend Sherri's blog post today was all about things to do on a rainy day, and one of them was "go shoe shopping."  I had to go to Target anyways to pick something up, so I meandered towards the shoe department because I've been needing a new pair of slippers.  The past few years I've had practical, boring slippers, so I went for something more fun this time...

And I'm going home tomorrow for several days, so I needed someone to feed Jack, and Drew and Leslie agreed (thanks!).  I put him in a box...well, not him, his bowl, wrapped a towel around it to keep it secure, buckled the box in, and headed to their house.  He made it there without any trauma, and hopefully he'll enjoy the rest of his stay.   I'm sure he will, he's got a view of backyard, something he doesn't have at my place.


  1. you got the monkey slippers!! i remember when you looked at those when i came to visit! can't wait to see you this weekend...i ended up getting scheduled to work fri night, but i'm gonna force myself to get up for at least an hour or two so i can come see everyone at heather's shower! we need a pic of the *5* of us girls for sure:)

  2. very cute slippers! have fun this weekend!


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