Monday, November 14, 2011

$2 a Day Challenge

While studying and doing research for our 365:24/7 series, James came across a lot of statistics about how a majority of people in the world eat for only $2 a day.  And I've heard that fact before, but I never stopped to think about what that really meant.  James did a little more digging to learn about how much food you can get for $2.  Once he had it figured out, he challenged the staff and our student volunteers to eat the same thing, from breakfast Monday until lunch on Thursday.  We're having a Thanksgiving potluck dinner Thursday evening with the student volunteers, so that's why we're ending it at lunch.  But in the meantime, this is what we get to eat:

Breakfast - Small portion of cream of wheat or oatmeal, and just the plain kind, no Maple Brown Sugar or Apples and Cinnamon.
Lunch - 4 oz. rice and 4 oz. beans, with maybe a few small vegetables or 3/4 of an ounce of meat, which is about the size if a chicken nugget.
Dinner - same as lunch.
drinks - just tap water, no coffee or soda or smoothies.
and obviously there are no sweets or snacks!

So, that's my diet until dinner on Thursday!  Other than the fact that my stomach was growling like crazy at 4:00pm, today really wasn't that bad.  Probably because it was just the first day of it though.  I'll let you know how I feel come Thursday afternoon!

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  1. Wow! I love how many creative things you guys do!


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