Tuesday, November 8, 2011


A few things I became grateful for today...

1) Answered prayers.  So often we only go to the Lord in prayer for "big things."  When we need money, or someone is sick or we have a huge decision to make.  We pray these big prayers and wait around for big, obvious answers.  But why is it that we rarely go to the Lord in prayer over "smaller," seemingly less important things?  Or when things go our way we figure it's coincidence and don't take the Lord into account.  Well I was reminded this morning that God hears all of our prayers and finds delight in answering them.  On my way home from the gym early this morning my car died.  Twice actually.  And as the car was making weird noises and slowing down and starting to smoke ever so slightly, I just kept praying out loud, "Jesus, please just let me get home.  Please just let me get home!"  Well where did my car finally end up dying?  In the parking lot of my apartment complex!  Not quite in front of my apartment, but close enough that I could walk home.  God definitely heard and answered my frantic prayers!

2 Good friends.  Good friends like Drew and Leslie who will pick me up for work and let me use their car in the mean time.

3) God's truth, and freedom.  I'm reading the book Lady in Waiting with one of the girls I disciple, and today's chapter was about purity.  So we spent the better part of an hour talking about relationships and physical intimacy and boundries etc.  It was good, thought-provoking conversation.  A little while after our meeting ended I got this text from her: So in class today we are talking about sex.  I'm really glad we were able to talk about it today with God's view first.  I'm thankful that God has revealed his plan for relationships to us, and that I have the freedom to talk about Him on a public, secular campus!

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  1. Such a good reminder! I hope your car can get fixed soon!


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