Saturday, November 12, 2011

Homemade Earring Holder

I made this a while ago, but am just now getting around to posting about it.  The top of my dresser was getting a little crowded, so I wanted to get rid of my earring tree and make something that I could hang on the wall to put my earrings on.  For over a month I was on the lookout for an 11x14 picture frame that had a big, ornate pattern.  I finally found this one at T.J. Maxx.  It was $12.99, which was a little more than I wanted to spend, but that was about the average price for frames like that.

I started by taking off the back of the frame.  That was a little difficult since the back of my frame was attached to the frame, but I just used a box cutter to cut the felt.

Next, I removed the glass and used it as a template to cut a piece of plastic mesh that I got in the knitting/sewing section of Michael's for only 59 cents.  Then I put craft glue (Aleene's) all around the inside of the frame, where the glass would normally sit, and placed the plastic mesh down in it.  I let it dry for several hours.

I bought clear and black, because I didn't know which would look best.

After it was dry, I tied ribbon onto the little loops that you would hang it up with.  Then it was ready to go!  The only down side to an earring holder like this is that it only works for hook earrings, studs and loops down work since you can't reach around to the back.  So other than the fact that all of my earrings aren't in the exact same place, I really like it!


  1. Love Love Love it, Aimee!! I may have to steal this idea when I finally get around to decorating my bathroom :)

  2. Aimee this looks so pretty! I love that you put mesh in the frame - I never would have thought of that!

  3. This is such a cute idea! I love that you can show off your pretty earrings rather than have then hidden in a box :)


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