Saturday, February 18, 2012

Black and White Swing Dance

Thursday night was The Well's 3rd Annual Black & White Swing Dance; this has come to be a much anticipated and looked-forward to event!  We transform a boring brown room into something a bit snazzier, have fun black and white snacks like Oreo balls, chocolate covered peanut butter balls, and chocolate dipped pretzels, and have someone there for the first hour to teach some basic swing dancing steps.  We ask everyone to come in black and white attire, and it's always fun to see them all dressed up!  For the last hour or so of the night we end up playing a bunch of fun, general dancing songs, so regardless of whether you have a date or not, or can swing or not, everybody can dance and have a great time!

Kerri, who is on the Missions Team, and Eliza, Kristen, Katelyn and I, who all serve on the 12:13 team!

Staci, Carly, me, and Heather

Me and Tiffani

Jillian and I

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