Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Camera Cleanse

I often take pictures of things with the intention of blogging about them, but end up not doing it, and that leaves me with lots of random pictures on my camera.  So from time to time I'm going to start doing a camera cleanse, where I post all the random pictures taking up space on my memory card and write a short little description for each one.  Hope you enjoy!

Triple peanut at Dave and Scottie's house.

Hiding the dirty dishes before friends came over for dinner.

Happy Valentine's Day to me and Ivy!

Happy Valentine's Day and Happy Birthday to Jillian!  Hers weighed 8 oz, mine was 11oz. Not surprised.

Tiffani and I bought the same knock-off Toms while in China, and just figured it out.

Another busy week, as evidence of the front door shoe pile.

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