Thursday, February 2, 2012

Random (Acts of Kindness)

When I got home today I was reminded that I needed to change my flag and wreath.  Not only is it time for my Valentine's Day flag because it's February, but because the snowman flag seemed out of place this week with the weather in the mid-50's.  And even though the red berry wreath is the same one I had out at Christmas, it's more Valentine's Day-ish than the greenery and pine cone one.  

 And I thought I'd share the handy little way that I came up with for storing all of my flags.  I just clip them all in a pants hanger, and hang them up in the closet.  That way they never get creased or wrinkly. And while I was putting stuff away in the closet I found a Christmas gift that I didn't know what to do with right after Christmas, so I put it in the closet and then I forgot about it.  But considering the Patriots are playing in the Super Bowl on Sunday I figured it was time the Patriots bear made an appearance on the couch!

After dinner I was going to attempt for the second time this week to do laundry, and on the way out the door I set a bag of trash outside to take to the dumpster later.  When I walked into the laundromat, the first thing I noticed was that two of my socks were pinned up on the Lost & Found board, how embarrassing!  Then when I got to the third washer, there were three pennies laying on the side of it, which just made me happy.  I mean, who doesn't love finding pennies?  Then, down on the fourth washer I noticed a piece of paper laying on top with some something scrawled on it.  I figured it would say OUT OF ORDER, but when I read it, it said your clothes are in dryer.  So, being the nosy neighbor that I am, I checked all the dryers, but there were no clothes in them.  Weird.  

 Well after all my clothes were in the wash I drove back down to my apartment and noticed that the bag of trash was gone.  Also weird.  I'm just assuming someone decided to take it to the dumpster for me, how nice!  That random act of kindness inspired me to do my own, so when I went back to put my clothes in the dryer, I left 5 quarters in one of the machines for the next person to find!

Loaded up and waiting for the next person!

Reading Forgotten God for small group Monday night

A little while later Jillian and I went to the gym, and then we went to Cookout and got milkshakes.  A totally logical post-workout snack, right?

Peanut Butter and Oreo, yum!


  1. I'm sure you made the person's day who found a washer all ready to go with quarters in it!

  2. You are so clever. Love the idea for hanging your flags. I need to hang our Patriots flag. Tomorrow is the big game. Go Patriots!!!


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