Saturday, June 18, 2011

Saturdays in China

During our time in China we did three different types of work, and the very first thing we did was help at an English school.  And we did this on our Saturdays.  Why Saturday?  Because this particular school offered its classes on evenings and weekends, sort of like extra-curricular activities.  Yes, students there take more classes as their extra-curricular activities.  The level of dedication to school is so much more than it is here.  I swear I met kids in elementary school who studied more than I did in college.  I spent the majority of my time at the school working in the kindergarten class.  Since they were so young, in many ways it was just like working with kindergarteners here in the Sates.  We spent a lot of time playing and doing crafts.  Megan and I did get a chance to lead an activity for them, which we all enjoyed.  We had 6 different pieces of paper with simple objects and their names on it, such as cat, shoe, apple etc.  We went outside for the activity and tacked them to different trees in an opening.  Megan or I would tell them to point to one of the objects and then run or walk or hop over to it.  Usually what ended up happening was that as soon as we said the object, they just took off running to it, but oh well.  In their classes at school during the week, things are very structured and they never go outside, so this was a very welcomed break from that and we were happy to provide it for them.

The teacher was explaining a new Cay and Mouse game to them.

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