Friday, August 10, 2012

Camera Cleanse

If you follow me on Twitter (@aimeestone86) you've probably seen some of these already, but it's time to get them off my memory card, so I'm sharing them on here too.

Someone in my complex finally decided to get rid of their Christmas tree.

We used my shutters as a photo display at Drew's going away party back in January.  Seth took them home in his car because they fit much better, and they sat in his garage until a few weeks ago.  He brought them back to the office and I brought them home. Like this.  Sticking out the window.  At least I didn't have far to go!

After three months of almost no activities, we hit the ground running on Sunday!

After two days, we got our 22,000 brochures stuffed with discount cards.  These will be in the hands of college students all over the Tri Cities soon!

When I walked out of my door this morning this was what welcomed me, my neighbor's cat.  I pet her for a little bit before I realized I was wearing a black shirt and now had cat hair all over it.

1 comment:

  1. haha I can't believe someone got rid of their Christmas tree 8 months after Christmas!


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