Monday, August 6, 2012

Saturday Day Trip

Saturday I finally did something I've been wanting to do all summer: go to Asheville for the day!  My friend Eileen and I went, and our original plan was to go to the Biltmore, but the whole way there the weather was not promising and I didn't want to spend all that money and not be able to walk around outside and visit the gardens.  So instead we just spent the afternoon walking around downtown, window shopping and eating.  

The day was wonderful.  The weather ended up being absolutely perfect, and the people watching did not disappoint.  Asheville is a great place for people watching because such a wide variety of people are always there, preppy people, hipsters, hippies...and you never know what you're going to see.  The strangest thing I saw this time was a man dressed as a nun, riding a double decker bike with sparkly handlebar tassels and yelling "I love you!" as he rode by!

We started out by visiting my favorite little store in Asheville: L.O.F.T.  It stands for Lost Objects Found Treasures.  It's full of fun and quirky home decor, stationary, jewelery, etc.  I've bought lots of gifts for people here over the years, and picked up something again!

After popping into a few more stores we looked for a place to eat.  We ended up at an outdoor restaurant called Carmel's that had burgers, sandwiches, salads, and pizza.  I got a pizza with candied tomatoes, brie, spinach, sun-dried tomatoes, and a crust brushed with rosemary oil.  And let me tell you, it was deee-licious!  And we saw lots of interesting people passing by, including a couple who matched identically from head-to-toe: White hair, round glasses, black button down shirts, jeans, and black shoes, and a couple where the woman was dressed to the nines and the man had on a t-shirt, khaki shorts, and tennis shoes with white socks pulled up high.

After several more stores, we started heading back to the car, with two more stops to get food :)  We went to a place called Chocolate Gems to get gelato to eat outside at the little cafe tables.  I sampled Salted Caramel and Cappuccino, both of which were great, but I ended up with Mint Chocolate Cookie.  After more people and (dog) watching we want back in to get some chocolate to take home with us.  Eileen got a huge chocolate covered marshmallow, and I got a Coconut Truffle and a Peanut Butter Truffle.  

After that we walked two more blocks to our last stop of the day, The Gourmet Chip Company.  They have tons of combinations that they mix on the spot when you order, and then serve them in a paper cone.  We got the Parisian that had goat cheese, rosemary, thyme, white truffle, and sea salt.  Like everything else we'd eaten that day, they were tasty.  I will definitely go back next time I'm in Asheville and try a different one.

So with tired feet and full stomachs we headed home, with lush green mountains, fluffy white clouds, and clear blue skies to look at the whole time!

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