Thursday, August 2, 2012

Things I'm Excited About

I've had some really exciting deliveries and purchases recently!

1)  New Toms!  I've known for months that I wanted to get a new pair of Toms for the new school year, and I'd year my eye on a certain pair.  Then my wonderful Aunt Nancy sent a check my way, just because, and I was able to get my Toms!  They'll go with our ministry team shirts really well and I can't wait to break them in!

2) A new Chi!  I've had a Chi in the past, and when it finally bit the dust I wasn't able to afford another one.  Since then I've gone through about 3 different straightners, and the one I have been using has been on the fritz for a while.  My hair is already really thick and I've been growing out a bob for over a year, so now that it's longer, it takes forever to straighten.  I decided I needed to just go ahead and invest in another new Chi that would work much better, and my mom graciously helped me out with the purchase.  I used it this morning and was so pleased with it!

3) A new fishbowl fish pitcher?  When I was in college I had a rounded coffee pot that my fish lived in, but I had to get rid of my fish when I graduated and I got rid of the pot as well.  When I got Jack last summer I was always on the lookout for another out of the ordinary fish bowl but never saw anything I liked.  Well Jack is no longer with me, but I want to get another beta soon, and earlier this week I found a perfect new fish "bowl," from Goodwill for $2.97.  It's a short, stout little pitcher, and it's great for a fish because it'll be easy enough to get the fish out of it to clean and stuff, and goes along with the other bottles and teapots and things on the shelf.  Now I just need to get another fish to put in it!

5) A new dress and tank top.  I got these from Goodwill but they're the Mossimo brand from Target and both still had the tags on them.  I snagged the dress for $7.99 and the tank for only $2.99!  The dress doesn't photograph well, but it has a fuller skirt and...pockets!  Yay!  And I love the ruffles on the neck of the tank.

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