Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Cover Up

I got another one of my summer goals done!  I replaced the vase and sticks that I was using to help cover up the breaker box with a painting I did; it's actually a quote I saw on Pinterest a while back that I liked.

So here's the dresser top and breaker box before:

And after!

I started with a blank canvas and painted it purple.

Then I typed the quote up on the computer until I had it formatted like I wanted, so I would have something to look at as I wrote it out.  I'm pretty good at looking at different fonts and free handing them, but I don't trust myself enough to do it with paint on the first try, so I penciled it first and then copied it with a paint marker.

It didn't turn out as good as I had hoped, because the letters and words aren't evenly spaced.  I had thought about printing the design on a transparency and using an overhead projector to copy it but decided against it, and learned my lesson.  Oh well, I definitely like it more than the vase and sticks!

My summer goals as they now remain:

Paint window in kitchen with crackle paint, and paint something on the glass.
Get something on the wall above the kitchen sink.
Paint little table next to wicker chest.
Paint coffee table white.
Varnish the end table.
Get something on bedroom walls.
Find something to replace vase and branches on dresser.
Put new fabric on director's chair.
Repaint red and green chest.
Paint earring holder white and then distress it.

And while there are still several projects to do, I've done a lot of things that weren't originally on the list, like: Painting a leaf dish, ModPodging a tray, Mr. and Mrs. mugs, and covering a clipboard.

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