Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Marones Are Married!

I had the privilege this weekend to direct the wedding of a wonderful couple, Dave and Emily Marone!  I've known Emily for about twelve years, ever since her and Amanda have been friends, and over time she's become like a sister too.  And I have enjoyed getting to know Dave and watch their relationship grow.  Their wedding day was so fun - with lots of colors, a cookie bar, and kazoos at their exit!  I'm not going to try to explain it more than that, because when their pictures are posted I'll give the link; the pictures will be wonderful and will tell the story of the day just beautifully.  But until then, I'll share a few of the ones I managed to get.

Me and Amanda.  All of the bridesmaids wore white, which was different, but looked just fine when they were all together and had their bouquets. 

Aimee Jane and Ashley Sue

Mr. and Mrs. Marone!...and these pictures helped me see that I have bad posture...

My friends Heather and Sherri, who are also married to Emily's brothers.

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  1. yay what a fun weekend! and i'm so glad that you were a part of it! i loved seeing you!


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