Sunday, September 4, 2011

Fall Has Arrived - For Me At Least

It's September!  Which, even though the leaves are still green and the weather has still been hot, means it's fall.  In my mind at least.  One of the first things I did this afternoon (after my two hour nap and posting my previous post) was change out my red, white, and blue wreath for my fall wreath and swap out my ladybug flag for a flag with pumpkins and leaves on it, then when I went to Walmart tonight I picked up a yellow mum.  Now my front door area is fabulous fallish!  I'll have to take a picture tomorrow to show you.  We're off tomorrow, which is quite nice.  But I often think what's more exciting than a day off is the night before a day off.  You go about your day as usual, but then you get to anticipate the next day and maybe stay up later without worrying about it.  And while the day off is nice, the nearer it gets to the end, the more you realize that tomorrow life returns to normal.  So, to celebrate fall and my day off tomorrow, I came home after running errands and made a cup of tea and put in my most favorite movie, You've Got Mail, and am currently sitting beneath a warm blanket, sipping my tea, enjoying my movie, and writing to you!  Hope you have a lovely Labor Day!

There are happy feet under that blanket!

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