Sunday, September 11, 2011

Friends, Food, Fire, Fun

Last night I went to lil' ole' White Pine, Tennessee for a housewarming/ birthday party for Will and Jessica and it was a perfect end-of-summer, beginning-of-fall kind of Saturday night.  We ate dinner outside, and then all of us girls ooh-ed and ahh-ed over all 600+ of their wedding pictures (you can check out a few here) while Will made a fire.  Then we roasted marsh mellows before heading inside to play games.  We played Battle of the Sexes, and I forget who won.  Then it was Catch Phrase, where I jumped and yelled like a crazy person, like I always do when I play that game, and my team won!  Then it was Apples to Apples, where I lost horribly.  We played for a really long time and I didn't get a single green card!  But in my defense my red cards were awful, and I mean awful!  While we were all leaving we were talking about how much fun it had been and that we needed to do it again.   And since Will and Jessica's house was kind of a central location for everyone who had come out I basically invited myself over to have a birthday party for myself in November!  I hope it works out, because I need more nights like last night in my life.

Ruby, their new kitten.
The latest addition, Daisy.  They've been married 5 weeks and have acquired two new pets!

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