Thursday, September 1, 2011

Messy House Tour

When I made that post a few weeks ago about wanting to cover a wall in picture frames, one of the images I posted was from a blog called Young House Love.  It's about a young couple and they're journey of remolding and decorating their house.  From time to time they'll do a segment called Messy House Tour.  It started when followers would comment about how immaculate their house always was, and they wanted to prove that wasn't always the case.  So they'd walk around with a camcorder and prove that parts of the house were disaster zones.  Well this past week my house has become a disaster zone.  Namely my bedroom and bathroom.  So, inspired by Young House Love, I'm giving you a Messy House Tour in snapshots. Hopefully once I get it cleaned up, it won't look like this again until the races in March.

 Normally I make my bed first thing every day.  I think it's been made two or three  times in the past eight days.

 Exploding laundry hamper.  I was down to two pairs of
underwear before I did laundry tonight.

Eight pairs of shoes in the entry.


  1. haha! Thanks for being honest :)

  2. No te conozco personalmente pero tengo que reconocer lo espontanea que sos. Hace unos dias soy Miembro de tu blog. In your profile you say: "I love to laugh and make others laugh ..." Sin dudas lograste tu objetivo. Ja Ja. Sos muy sincera. Me gusta tu blog. Un abrazo, Celeste.


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