Sunday, September 25, 2011


I was excited to make this post because it will be something brand new, that's never been on the blog before.  There was a half marathon in town today, part of which ran through campus, and The Well (aka me, Drew, and Seth) ran one of the water stations.  We stood in the road and held out little cups with water and Gatorade, and the runners would grab them as they ran by.  I learned that the best way to hold it is by the rim, which makes it easier for the runners to grab.  Seth, who runs lots of races, gave us lots of tips as how to be the most effective water giver-outers.  Also, since the runners usually drink while they run, they just throw the cups on the ground when they're done with it.  So another part of our job was to go back and pick up all the cups, which is what I was getting ready to do after I took my picture.   

We also witnessed lots of ridiculous things...

Unfortunately, the roads weren't marked and blocked well, and so lots of people kept trying to drive where the race was taking place, and we'd have to tell them they couldn't come that way.  This one guy was trying to come through and we told him he couldn't.  He whipped around and made a u-turn and started coming back, and for a brief moment we thought he was going to drive through anyways.  But he slowed down a bit and said, "The d@#! roads are closed," and then another lady working with us said, "I'm sorry, it's not our fault," and he yelled back "Yea it is!" and peeled out.

Towards the end of the race, when the runners were coming through really sporadically, we'd let cars through.  This one girl drove through and stopped in front of Seth who was holding two cups of water and asked if she could have one.  Really?  Who does that?

We also saw cars trying to pass cop cars that were blocking traffic.  When I see cop cars driving very slowly with their lights on, my first instinct isn't to drive around them.  Especially on a somewhat narrow road where a race is going on. 

I also had a lady tell me, as she's running toward me, that she wanted the yellow Gatorade, so if she spilled it it would blend in with her shirt, which was yellow.  I know I can be prissy, but I don't think that would be my first concern if I was running a race!

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  1. haha I love the part with the lady asking for the yellow gatorade to match her shirt! That's like what Isabella said yesterday - she took Mallory's cup and was drinking from it and Lauren asked her why she traded cups and she said "because that cup doesn't match my shirt!" Hilarious!


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