Thursday, June 9, 2011

China - Friday, May 13

This picture was taken in the Beijing airport while we were waiting to board our flight to Shenyang.  We did lots and lots of flying on this trip.  Lots.  Knoxville to Chicago, Chicago to Beijing, Beijing to Shenyang, and then all of that in reverse.  Here are some of my reflections on flying:

- If you're like me and you battle the comfy vs. cute argument when picking out outfits, when it comes to a 13 hour flight choose comfy!  I wore jeans, and while I made sure they wore one of my comfier pair, I would loved a pair of sweat pants.

- I was planning on wearing my Chaco's on the plane so I made sure I packed socks in my carry-on.  My feet get cold easily and I knew planes could be cold and having cold feet for 13 hours would have been miserable!

- Sometimes your feet swell when you fly, as mine did.  I almost couldn't squeeze them in my Chacos!  Flip flops would have been easier.

- Earplugs or your ipod are quite helpful for drowning out crying babies, people talking entirely too loud, or if your seat is right next to the "kitchen," all of the clanking going on inside.

- If you're bored and don't care about the movie being played, listen to it in a different language.  Quite entertaining.

- Tell the people you're sitting with whether or not you want to be woken up for the snack time.

- Invest in a travel pillow.  I never had one before because I thought they looked nerdy, actually I still think they look nerdy, but I wouldn't have slept so much without it!

-If you have lots of things you'll be needing from it, just keep your carry-on under your seat if there's room.  It's so much easier than trying to get it out of the overhead.  

- Make sure to look out the window and enjoy the views from time to time.

- Even if they aren't very friendly, be nice to the flight attendants.  

- And in honor of Brittany - Ambien.  

Happy flying this summer!

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  1. I like your flying tips :) I always have socks with me because I can't sleep with cold feet! And on those 13 hour flights it is sometimes vital to be woken up for a snack!!


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