Monday, June 13, 2011

Mug Monday and Muffins

Today's mug is another travel mug, and this one was a gift from Stacie.  Stacie was in my freshman small group two years ago, and this past year we continued to meet one-on-one.  She has grown so much in the Lord over the past two years and it has been a joy and a pleasure to watch!  What's great about this mug is that Stacie designed it herself!  She put pictures on it and one of my little phrases: It makes my heart happy.  I've loved using it this summer while Stacie and all the rest of my girls are away.

And I realized this afternoon that I haven't baked in a long time, let alone in my new kitchen.  So I set out to find a new recipe, and since we have a staff meeting in the morning, I figured muffins would be a good choice.  I wanted to find a recipe that I wouldn't have to buy a bunch of ingredients for, and since I had some lemons left over from the Amanda's shower I thought lemon poppy seed muffins would be perfect.  I also wanted to find a recipe that had been tried before so I went to my friend Sherri's blog because she is always making muffins, and I found this recipe.  I think they turned out pretty good, but the real test will be tomorrow when everyone else tries them!

The worst part of baking - the dishes...

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  1. yay I hope you liked the muffins! I think they are so pretty :)


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