Wednesday, June 15, 2011


One of my jobs at the office is to water all the plants, and recently the hose has been leaking and spraying from where it hooks up to the faucet.  I try to lean as far away from it as I can when I turn it on, but it's inevitable that I still get wet.  Some days it's annoying when I get sprayed, other days I just have to laugh at how ridiculous I must look trying to jump away from the faucet as fast as I can.  Today I managed to stay pretty dry.

And these are the second pair of shoes I bought in China, they're knock-off Toms.  I hate that they aren't real because that means another pair isn't given away, but I loved the pattern, they were cheap,  and I could say I bought them in China.  So, I kind of had to get them...

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