Wednesday, June 8, 2011

East Tennessee Meets East Asia

This morning at the office I had a lot on my heart and mind, and I was sitting at my desk trying to get some work done, but all I could do was sit.  I knew if I didn't get away and process some stuff then I would just be sitting at my desk all day, literally just sitting.  So I grabbed the blanket I keep in my drawer for such occasions and headed out.  It was hot outside so I ran by Pals to get a Peachie Tea and then drove to the VA.  I had forgotten how full the parking is over there during the day and soon realized that the only place I might find a spot was next to the field - in a parallel spot.  I can parallel park if I have to, but I'm not a fan and not the best.  I did a good job this time though and was quite pleased with myself.  I spread my blanket out under the shade of a huge tree and took in the view for a bit.  It was gorgeous!  I love the mountains here.  As much as I love spending time in big cities, my heart is in the mountains.  And it would be quite difficult for  me to willingly move somewhere where I couldn't at least see the mountains.  Anyways, I spent some time thinking and journeling and then I was good to head back.

Pals' Peachie Tea! An East Tennessee classic.

And below are my latest shoe purchase, and I bought them at the Walmart in China!  I only packed three pairs of shoes, and knowing my shoe obsession, that should impress you.  But once I got there I really wanted a pair of shoes kind of between my Chacos and running shoes, so we made a trip to Walmart.  Walmart in China is crazy!  The one we went to was 5 floors I think, and it was mostly underground.  In some ways it was like a Walmart here, and in others ways it obviously wasn't at all.  It took me a little while to figure out which size I needed, because they aren't the same, turns out I'm a 38. 

And I am thrilled to be blogging this from my living room tonight, I finally have internet at home, woo hoo!  Also, I was quite pleased with myself for a second reason today.  I set up the router and programmed everything all by myself.  I'm pretty technologically impaired, so this is a huge deal! 

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