Thursday, June 2, 2011

China - Wednesday, May 11

The first place we went while in Beijing was the Great Wall.  It was kind of an overcast day, but the views were still amazing.  We'd be walking along and I'd have to remind myself that I was walking on the Great Wall of China.  As in one of the 7 Wonders of the World.  Amazing.

My first glimpse of it!

Team photo minus James.

Breathtaking.  Literally; those stairs were at times.

Inside one of the little fortresses.

After the Great Wall we had lunch and then headed over to the Summer Palace, which was basically like the Emperor's summer home.  This place was beautiful, lots of temples and gardens and this great place to walk all along the river.  It was a great way to end out first full day in China!

My foot picture for the day.  Sitting on one of the many stairs.

Walking over to the little island, where the picture below was taken.

Funny story about this picture: There were some Chinese people on the ground over to the left and they were taking pictures of "each other", but you could tell they were really taking pictures of us in the background, so James just kept taking pictures of us until they were done.

This picture almost looks as if it's in black and white, but it's not, it was just very overcast.
Also, Jessica had a pedometer to keep up with how much we were walking, that day it was 11 miles.

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  1. YAY the Great Wall! Seriously, those stairs are killer! I'm so glad you got to experience it :)


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