Saturday, June 18, 2011

Dinner and DVDs

Under the table shot.
Tonight was a good night, as nights out with old friends usually are.  My friends Michael and Haley were in from Knoxville for the weekend and Jessie and I met them at Cheddars for dinner.  It was a fabulous time with fabulous food.  We were all stuffed but it looked like we hardly put a dent in our food.  Jessie and Haley had Spasagna, a Cheddars original of combined spaghetti and lasagna.  I had the World Class Chicken Sandwich which was delicious; I swear everything is better with bacon on it.  I don't remember exactly what Michael got, but it looked good and full of calories too.  Michael and Haley also sold me one of their old DVD players for cheap, and I am quite thankful to have it.  And it's kind of ironic because I was thinking this afternoon about the similarities between my life and characters from some chick flicks.  The first one is Mary from The Wedding Planner.  There is a scene where it shows her working one of her weddings and these two girls see her and one of them says "That's the wedding planner," and the other one says "She must have such a romantic life..."  Now, I'm not saying my life reminds me of hers because it's romantic, because let's face it, it's not.  It's just that right after that it shows her going home and eating and a frozen, microwavable meal and spending her evening vacuuming her draperies.  It made me think of how sometimes I do all these fun, exciting things during the day and then go home and eat Hot Pockets and iron my shower curtain.  The next character is Jane from 27 Dresses.  For one thing her name is Jane and my nick name from my family and few close friends is Aimee Jane.  But after August 6th I'll have been in three weddings this year and five overall.  So it's been an ongoing joke all year that I'm turning into Jane.  Thankfully my dresses haven't been like the ones from the movie, and I actually have been able to wear one again.

 And the last one is from Fried Green Tomatoes, which I'm watching as I type this.  I've actually only seen this one other time, so it's not like I remembered it, but when the following lines were said I just laughed.

Ninny: Did you know they took my gallbladder out?
Evelyn: Why no, I didn't.
Ninny: It's still in the hospital in a jar, I guess that's where they keep them.
Evelyn: I guess...

It's just that after I had mine out I was disappointed that they wouldn't let me keep it.  I thought it'd be fun to have it in a jar on my desk so if someone asked what it was I could casually say, "Oh, that's my gallbladder."

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