Friday, June 3, 2011

Out With The Old and In With The New

It has been really hot the past few days, record breaking heat actually, and I think I break a sweat just walking from my house to my car.  But today was cooler and quite pleasant if you were in the shade, so I went outside on the porch to get a little work done.  I was addressing and stuffing my follow-up letters, which did get into the mail today, thank goodness!  

Isn't it beautiful?!?
And if you look in the chair there is a box.  A box of toner that belonged to the old printer.  And it is sitting out on the porch because today we got rid of Ricoh 2550 and got Ricoh C3001.  Oh what a glorious day!  It prints in color and black and white, it prints regular paper, bulletins, and cardstock, it sorts stacks of papers while it prints them, it let's you save files to the printer and just print them from there.  It is a wonderful device.  I was going to get ice-cream to celebrate but then held off because I'm trying not to eat as much sugar, but then later I went and got some Dove chocolates out of our huge stash in the fridge.  But it was dark chocolate, and isn't that supposed to be kind of good for you?

7 full boxes and two little bags of Dove just two rooms away...

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