Monday, June 13, 2011

Weekend Showers

I headed back home to Lynchburg for part of the weekend for Amanda's bridal shower.  Even though I was a little stressed at times, I think everything turned out well.  My grandma, aunt, and cousin came up from Raleigh and Jonathan's mom, sister, aunt, and cousins came down from Northern Virginia.  With all of our family, soon-to-be family, and friends it made for a very special afternoon.  My favorite parts of the shower?  The cake that said From Miss to Mrs. With Our Best Wishes, the surprise letter I had Jonathan write for Amanda to read on the way there and the shout-outs from the bridesmaids that couldn't make it, and the favors - wooden spoons tied up with a picture of Amanda and Jonathan along with some prayer requests.  And I wish I could show you all these things, but believe it or not, I didn't take any pictures!  Other people did, but not me, well except for one picture - feet, of course.  So here are the feet of me, Amanda, and Lindsay.  Lindsay and I have become a shower planning dream team!  Lindsay is my best friend Ashley's younger sister, and she also happens to best friends with my younger sister.  So we worked together to plan Ashley's shower back in January, and now Amanda's!

And on Sunday I went to Dandridge for Jessica's bridal shower.  Jessie, Brittany, Staci and I were going to ride together, and when we met up it was pouring outside.  I mean pouring.  Jessie helped Brittany get her gifts out of her car and at first they had umbrellas, but then they flipped inside out.  By the time they got back into Jessie's car, their dresses were soaked, Brittany's hair was dripping, and the wrapping paper was slightly warped from the water.  Everything cleared up quickly though and we had a great drive there.  The shower was a blast.  I got to see Scottie and just had fun being with Jessica's family who is hilarious.  We ended the shower with a photo shoot and then drove over to see the house that Jessica and Will are fixing up.  The house was built in the late 1800's (I'm pretty sure) and has a ton of cute, country character.  I cannot wait to see it all finished!  Our drive back to Johnson City was a looong one because of night construction on 81.  I fell asleep and apparently there was a car of guys driving next to us that were making fun of me.  Then when I woke up Jessie sneakily changed the clock on her dash and for quite a while I thought it was a whole hour later than it really was.  There were also some great jam sessions and prank calls before we finally made it back.  Bridal showers with girlfriends never get old!
Jessie has a flame coming out of her head!

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