Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Farewell For a Few Days

This will probably be the last post for several days, because the next two weeks are our busiest of the entire year!  The last few days have definitely picked up, but tomorrow starts what I affectionately call insanity and insomnia...We'll be leaving the office tomorrow hopefully by 7:00am and driving to Bristol where we'll be working at the speedway for a fundraiser again.  We don't know for sure when we'll get back, but it will definitely be in the evening.  On Thursday we're helping move Freshmen into the dorms from 7:30-1:00, and then I'm taking a group of students over to Milligan to distribute our brochures.  Friday is race day again, but this time we're leaving at 5:30am, and Saturday is another day at the races, and we'll get home really late from that one.  Sunday evening we have a Ministry Team cookout.  Monday is the first day of ETSU classes and during the day we'll be on campus handing out ice-cream sandwiches and brochures, and telling people about The Well and our Back to School Bash.  Then that night is the Back to School Bash.  On Wednesday we'll be on campus again, handing out more stuff and inviting them to our first Well service that night, and then that night is the first service!  Aghh!  Over Labor Day weekend is our Ministry Team Retreat.  That Monday night is our first Class '15 event and then that Wednesday we have a huge thing going on before The Well starts.  Ugh, just thinking about all that makes me tired.  But it is exciting too, and I know that before I know it we'll be half way through the semester and August will seem so long ago.  I just hope tomorrow flies by as fast!

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  1. oh my gosh Aimee you have SO much going on! I hope everything goes well and the WELL has a great start to the year!!


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