Friday, August 19, 2011

Welcome Friends

I remember when some of "my girls" were freshmen and I'd stop by the their dorm room from time to time, and their sophomore year I stopped by a lot.  And now they're going to be juniors and they're renting a house off campus.  They've had a few bumps along the road of finding a place, but now it's all settled and they're moving in this weekend.  Jillian was in town today so we stopped by to look at it.  I'd seen it before they moved in, but it's been all cleaned and fixed up since then.  And I had bought the girls a welcome mat as a house warming gift and I was so excited to give it to them!  I had figured I'd go to the house and just bring it in with me, but Jillian had stopped by the office and was going to pick me up.  So as we were getting in the car I told her to close her eyes and then I ran to get it out of the trunk of my car.  Then I got into her car with it and told her to open her eyes!  She loved it, but then I told her to put it in the trunk because it was shedding fibers everywhere.  Then we headed over, and the house looks much better now and I'm so excited for the girls to get all settled in and make it their little home for the year!
Jillian in front of their cute, little blue house.

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