Thursday, August 18, 2011

Shopping on Etsy

Last week I ordered something from Etsy.  It was a vintage tablecloth and it was from my friend Melanie Little's shop: littlestmakings (hence the name).  She searches antique shops and finds cute, unique items to sell.  For those of you who like antique things but claim you can never find anything or don't have the time to look, then this is for you!  She has some of the cutest stuff, you should definitely check it out!  Since we live in the same town there was no need for her to ship it, so I met her at Starbucks today to pick it up.  I walked in and saw a box sitting on the table.  But not just a plain box, an adorably wrapped box.  See below:

How cute is that!?!  She said she sprayed the box with spray adhesive and then just covered it with the pages from an old book.  I am definitely going to use this idea!  Just seeing the outside of the box made me even more excited to open it up.  It was like Christmas!  I pulled off the top and even though I still couldn't see the tablecloth, I squealed with excitement.  The tablecloth was wrapped in tissue paper and tied with string and had a cute little sticker on it.   And there were some papers and things about her Etsy shop in there too, and of course they were all artsy and cute too.  As much as I wanted to open it up, I started digging in my purse for my camera so I could document every moment and aspect of getting my tablecloth.  But as my hand kept reaching around in my purse, I couldn't locate the camera.   Ugh!  I'd left it at home.  My friend Jessie who was there too took a picture on her phone and is going to send me the picture.  But my impatience came into play and I'm writing this post without the picture, but once I get it, I'll post it.  Anyways,  I finally tore open the tissue paper and was thrilled to have my tablecloth!

It matches the decor and colors in my kitchen perfectly, and I just love that it's soft and worn in and has character, like little patches worn in it.  As I was putting it on the table I wondered about the the story behind it.  I like to think that two little kids sat here before they left for school and ate pancakes covered in sticky maple syrup, and then after the kids were on the bus mom would sit there and drink coffee.  And now I will sit there and drink coffee.  But without the maple syrup drippings on the table  :)


  1. I like this! And that's really fun that you didn't have to pay for shipping and you got it wrapped all pretty! I've seen that idea before and really like it. also, at the NotWedding event I went to in Atlanta a few weeks ago, one of the tables was decorated with vintage books and all this cool stuff, but the table runner was a bunch of pages from vintage books all pasted together to make a runner down the length of the table! I really liked it!

  2. I like everthing about your "new" tablecloth. What a fun way to get it.
    Maybe in the winter those 2 kids would play outside in the snow and then come in and sit at the table to eat cinnamon toast dipped in hot chocolate :)

  3. i love the idea of covering the box with old book pages. how cute!

  4. I love that tablecloth! it looks perfect in your kitchen. I have an etsy obsession--it's so cool you know someone who is on there!:)


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