Monday, August 22, 2011

Surprise Party

I went to a surprise birthday party tonight, which is kind of funny to say because I haven't been to a birthday party in a long time.  I mean, I've got out to eat for birthdays, but it's not the same as a birthday party.  It was for my friend Leslie, and the cover up was easy.  Leslie's younger brother will be studying abroad this semester and she was told they were having a surprise going away party for him, which was true.  And he was told that they were having a surprise party for Leslie.  So he was sent out to the store to get some things, and then all of his friends and Leslie's friends arrived at their parents house.  We (Leslie's friends) waited in their driveway, wearing Happy Birthday tiaras, and sang Happy Birthday as her and her husband Drew walked up.  Shortly after Colin showed up, and then all of his friends piled out of the house.  Leslie said, "I thought this was a party for Colin," and Colin said, "I thought this was a party for Leslie," and they were both right, it was perfect!  While all of the college kids gathered in the den, we hung out in "the library," and it quickly became dubbed the old lady party.  But we loved it and vowed to get together soon and have another old lady night at Leslie's house. 

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