Thursday, August 4, 2011

Pillows and Fruit Flies

Remember how I'm an impatient/eager person?  Remember how I wanted red pillows to put on my couch?  Basically that means I've been searching for red pillows all week long.  I've been to Target, T.J. Maxx, Ross, Kohl's, and been looking on Etsy, and tonight I finally found the perfect red good ole' Walmart of course.  Not only are they the right shade of red, they're the same type of fabric that we used on the love seat, and they have square brown buttons, which ties into the print on the rug!  Like I said, perfect

 Also, the other night when we were driving to the gorge, the girls mentioned that they were having a problem with fruit flies, and I was too.  Then as we were leaving we ran into another friend and somehow started talking about the fruit flies again.  She said that one time she made a fruit fly trap by putting fruit into the bottom of a plastic container, pouring apple cider vinegar in the bottom, covering the top with plastic wrap, and poking little holes into it.  The idea is that they fly in to get the fruit, and then the vinegar kills them.  Kinda gross, but it worked for her.  So tonight I made one.  We'll see how it does...


  1. I LOVE your pillows! They are seriously so perfect for that room! And I really like that they have buttons. Go figure you found them at Wal-Mart after looking everywhere else!


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