Wednesday, August 10, 2011

New Life for a Lamp

I first got this cute, simple, little lamp in college.  Every hall in the dorm had a storage closet where each dorm room had a big shelf where people could keep extra stuff.  It had to be cleaned out at the end of each year, and there was a deadline to have all your stuff out or if you were leaving something there over the summer, it had to be labeled.  After the deadline, anything left in there was up for grabs, and that's where I got the lamp!  It was originally light blue and I repainted it light purple to match my dorm room and then bed room in my old apartment.  Well in my new apartment, the kitchen isn't very well lit and I thought a lamp in the corner of the table might look cute, and I also thought that lamp would be a good fit.  So, bring on the tape and spray paint!  The lamp has actually been painted for a while now, I've just been looking for a new shade.  I wanted a brown one that had a square base, and I finally found one at Ross for only $4.99.  Score!  So here's the finished product...


Krylon Gloss in Bright Idea

You could change the nozzle to spray vertically or horizontally.  Brilliant!

...and after!
So cute and homey!


  1. looks great Aimee! And I love the verse! :)

  2. love the yellow :) i bought that same lamp shade at ross a couple weeks ago!

  3. Looks good! I used that same tablecloth to reupholster a chair and make a pillow for our family room. You have good taste :)


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