Monday, February 7, 2011

Mug Monday and Dyno

It's Mug Monday!  This mug I bought in August at The Well's yard sale.  A lot of things in my house came from The Well's yard sale actually, but back to the mug...I don't know what exactly drew me to this mug, but something sure did.  I think it's a combination of the rustic, country, simplistic aspects of it.  I also loved that it says Tennessee.  If it didn't say Tennessee, I wouldn't have gotten it.  For many of you reading this, that's not a big deal at all, and that's probably because of one of two reasons.  You don't live in Tennessee, or you've lived in the same state you're whole life.  Having spent all my growing-up years in Virginia, and then four years in Tennessee for school, actually moving here and establishing myself as an adult was a big deal!  I was so excited about getting my Tennessee drivers licensee and licensee plates, I loved the officialness of it.  I am here.  On my own.  Go me!  And now that I am a proud Tennessee resident, I'm enjoying collecting a few Tennessee items.   But you don't have to worry, my college football preference will always be for the Hokies! And besides, Volunteer orange is ugly : /

Most of you know about Ricoh, and all the stress he causes me; but you don't know about Dyno.  Dyno is our paper folder.  After the first two or three weeks of trying to use it, I called it quits.  Unlike Ricoh, when Dyno eats paper, he does not give it up.  You need the jaws of life to get it out.  Since the paper folder wasn't necessary, we just stopped using it and folded all the bulletins by hand.  Last week Drew worked on it for a while and had it working again, but of course when I tried it on Wednesday, it started acting up again.  It ate the paper, so I took part of the machine apart to try to fix it myself.  Not only did I not get the paper out, I couldn't get the tray back in right.  Instead of sending the papers underneath the tray like it's supposed to, they started shooting out the top, it was chaotic. Since we both had a little bit of time today, we went back to work on it.  Basically this consisted of me sitting on the steps while Drew worked.  It seemed like the more he worked, the more paper he pulled out and we soon had a small collection on the steps.  I think he got it fixed the best he could, so we'll see how Wednesday goes...

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