Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Welcome to The Well

For those of us who are very involved in The Well, the way things function and are carried out just makes sense, it's like second nature.  But for those not as involved, it can be kind of confusing.  We're a ministry for all area college students, but our office is on campus at ETSU, and yet we're not a part of ETSU.  We have our Wednesday night gatherings at Grace Fellowship Church, but we're not a ministry of Grace.  See what I mean?  A little confusing.  We are so blessed and thankful that Grace allows us to use their facilities each week, but when students come on Wednesday, we want to to present an atmosphere that really appeals specifically to them.  And I think that most of the students that come to The Well assume that the way things look and are set up is how they always are.  Not true!  Every Wednesday afternoon a small group of wonderful, dedicated students unload a trailer and set everything up.  Then after The Well is over we tear everything down, load the trailer back up, and park it in the corner of the parking lot.  Below is a before, during, and after shot of the main entrance and hallway we use every Wednesday.  We bring in lots of different elements to jazz things up, and each Wednesday I'm going to try to focus in on one of them for you.

What it looks like when we get there...

Trailer of goodies.

Starting to set stuff up.

There are four sets of large, round, wooden tables and chairs that belong to the church.  We add funky lamps, games, some of our brochures and stickers.

And I just realized I never took a complete "after" picture.  I'll make sure to get one when I'm there tonight and add it later.

And here's the "after."  Much more fun and colorful!

One of the things we bring in to jazz things up are fun rugs.  We have two rugs like these in front of main doors people enter the auditorium there.  And get used to seeing those shoes too, they're my unofficial Wednesday shoes.  We have to wear the same shirt each week, it's black with a bit of white and red.  Most of us girls try to find different red shoes and accessories to go with it, and since I'm on my feet all night and these are comfy, they're what I usually wear.  They're actually little boys shoes, from Wal Mart, but I love them!

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