Saturday, June 2, 2012

Blue Plum 5K

Guess what these feet did this morning?  Well, from the title you have a pretty good clue, but just in case you haven't put it together, I ran a 5K this morning!  

The first weekend in June is the annual Blue Plum Arts and Music Festival in downtown Johnson City, and the race was a part of it.  The course starts in downtown, goes through a small residential area, and then the rest of it is along downtown businesses and stuff.  The course is nice and flat too, which I was thankful for; I was also thankful that it was unusually chilly this morning.  Normally I run early in the morning or later at night when it's nice and cool, so I was nervous about potentially having to run in the heat, but the weather today was perfect for running.

Ready to run - mostly to get warm, I had goosebumps until we actually starting running!  I'm used to that at the Turkey Trot I normally do at Thanksgiving, but not what I was expecting for my first summer race.

My friend Brittany talked me into running it, which I'm glad she did, it's been good motivation these past few weeks to keep up with my running.  And I say running, but in all honesty it's probably more of a jog.  I pushed myself harder the last little bit when I saw the finish line, and looking back I know I could have had a better pace for most of the race, but nothing I can do about that now.  Except keep with it and do better next time.  There's a half marathon in September that's broken up into a relay, with each of the 4 team members running approximately the same length of a 5K, so I think Brittany and I are going to try to find two more people and do that one.

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