Saturday, June 30, 2012

Pineapple Dip

I had some girls over tonight for a "Crafty, Fun, Girls' Night at Aimee's" as I called it, which I'll blog about sometime later this weekend, and I made this pineapple dip for us to munch on.  If you like pineapple, you will most definitely like this.  It's light and sweet, and I serve it with Wheat Thins and Triscuit Thin Crisps.  And as all party/snack recipes should be, it's easy!  Three simple ingredients and just one step!

Pineapple Dip 
source: my mom

2 8oz. blocks of cream cheese, softened
1 package of instant vanilla pudding/pie filling
1 20oz. can of crushed pineapple

Mix all ingredients together*
Chill before serving

*I didn't just dump the pineapple in, because I didn't want it to be too runny, and I ended up not pouring in all the juice.

Aren't those lil' polka-dotted appetizer plates cute?  Mom gave them to me for Christmas


It does look kinda like egg salad, you just have to get over that.

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