Thursday, June 21, 2012

Home (Lynchburg)

I'm back in Virginia for a week, and currently at home in Lynchburg.  I spent most of the day downtown, and thoroughly enjoyed it.  My mom and I met a friend for lunch at the Ploughcroft Tea Room; it was very cute and charming.  Every table and chair set was different from the next.  The tea pot, sugar, and creamer dishes were all mismatched, and while each tea cup and saucer went together, there was a different one at each spot.  We ordered a pot of Darjeeling tea, and I got the cheese and onion tart for lunch, and the apple crumble for dessert.  It was all delicious!

After we ate we went across the street to an estate sales and antique store.  This place is huge!  Three floors packed full of stuff.  The main floor is mostly furniture and is pretty organized, but the top floor is where most of the housewares are, and it is just row after row after row of tons of stuff crammed on shelves.  It was overwhelming the first time I went, but now I just love it.  Mixed in with all that junk are treasures, and I love searching for them!  

Mugs!  Can you ever have too many mugs?...Probably...

Whenever I see monogrammed stuff I always look closely, my goal is to find something with all of my initials on it.  In all my years of thrifting and antique shopping I've only found a mug with an A on it.

I could have easily gotten about a dozen things today, but I managed to walk out with just two (well, I did't just walk out, I did pay for them).  I got a painting of the Lynchburg courthouse.  Whenever I make a photo/art collage I think this will be a part of it.  And I also got a cute little pitcher which I think I'm going to use to put my creamer in.

The painting was $12,

and this lil' pitcher was only $3!

And after dinner tonight I played a game with Mom and Dad.  It's called Farkle, and even though it was only my second time ever playing, I won!

Staring contest between my camera and Mom's.

Dad's nubby finger.

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  1. Glad you can have some time with your parents! I never knew about that store downtown! I will be going there next time I'm home :)


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