Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Today my cankle and I headed to Barnes & Noble, and was glad to see that one of the corners with the big, cozy chairs was empty.  Which now that I think of it, is kind of ironic.  I choose to go out into public to to read and such, yet I would much rather be all alone when I'm there.  Anyways, when I sat down I noticed that someone had left a straw on the table and three wadded up tissues on the floor.  Stuff like this bothers me such much!  Not only is it gross, but I'm always worried that if someone sees me sitting there and then notices the tissues, they'll think I was one that left them there.  It's like when I go into a public restroom stall that's already nasty, and then someone is waiting and goes in right after you, I'm always mortified that they'll think I made it nasty.  I obviously know it wasn't me and I shouldn't care what strangers think, but I am not a nasty person!  And I don't want them to think I am.   Wow, tangent.  But other than the tissues and the fact that my Iced White Chocolate Mocha was way too sweet, I had a lovely morning at the B&N.  

And here is something you'd much rather look at than my fat ankle, Amanda and Jonathan's wedding, and it's only Part 1!  I can't wait for Part 2!

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  1. Aimee, you crack me up! I feel the same way about the trash thing. One time I was shopping in a store and someone left a drink on a shelf and I knocked it all over the floor and felt so awful! I went straight up to one of the employees (who was really busy and didn't want to talk to me) and had to tell them the whole story...the drink wasn't mine, someone just left it there, and I accidentally knocked it all over their floor because I didn't see it...they didn't seem to worried, but I didn't want to leave without explaining everything. Moral of the story is...people should use trash cans.


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