Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Goodwill Goodies

Well, the ankle is still quite swollen and is starting to bruise, it's currently a pale shade of green.  I'll skip the pictures of it though, even though I did spend a ridiculous amount of time taking pictures of it.  But the angles were really weird and make it look like my whole ankle was ginormous, not just the ankle bone on the side.   

But on a more interesting note, I stopped by Goodwill tonight to look for some plates for an upcoming project I want to do.  I didn't find any plates I liked, but I did find something else with lots of potential!  It's a framed mirror with two hooks on it, and it was only $2.97!  I'll definitely paint it, because I don't like the wood and it has some scratches on it, and then I think I'll hang it behind the main door.  I'll take pictures of the makeover and post them when it's all done, hopefully some time by the end of the month.

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