Friday, July 8, 2011

Fish Tales

I'd like to introduce you to Jack, my new fish!  I have had beta fishes for as long as I can remember, up until two years ago when I moved into my first apartment after college.  We weren't allowed to have pets, not even a single fish!  I thought it was kind of ridiculous.  So once I moved into my new place, I new I wanted to get another one.  I'd been thinking all summer about a name, because names are very important and I choose them carefully. 

My first beta was named Fish.  I was trying to figure out a name for him and was just calling him Fish in the mean time, but then it just stuck.  I had Fish for 3 years until one summer when I worked at camp and my sister forget to feed him and he died.  So I made her buy me another one and he was Fish Jr.  Then my freshman year in college I had a fish named Rufus.  My boyfriend at the time had bought it for me and his last name was Rufenacht, so that's where Rufus came from.  Two years later I got a fish that was red and blue and I named him Brady after Tom Brady.  I worked at camp that summer and took him with me, but he only last two days.  I think it was the bumpy, swervy ride there hat did him in.  So when I came back for my senior year I got a purple beta and named her Luci.  While at camp I had gotten the unfortunate nickname of Lucifer which was shortened to Luci, so obviously that was the inspiration for that one.  

Since China was a huge part of this summer, I wanted to use something related to that for my newest fish.  I thought about some of the Chinese words or phrases we used, but I wanted the name to be something that was easy to say.  Then I thought about the name Titanica.  It seemed like everyone we met in China loved the movie Titanic, but they call it Titanica.  "Ohh, Titanica, we lov  (like rhymes with mauve) it!"  It's one of my favorite little phrases from my time there, but the name Titanica just didn't roll off the tongue easily.  So, I decided on Jack instead, since all the Chinese girls thought he was sooo good looking.  I think it's a cute fish name.  I just hope he likes living in my cute apartment.

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