Sunday, July 31, 2011

Love Seat Reupholstered!

It is finished!  My dear old love seat has new life.  My plan all along was to do do it in brown.  It's neutral and goes with everything I already have, but then this roll of red fabric caught my eye.  It would be so fun, but so bold.  I asked Mom, "Play it safe, or go for it?"  She said, "Go for it," so I did!  And I already had red accents, so it wouldn't be completely random.  

The reupholstering process turned into quite an ordeal, as so many projects do.  The pattern you'll see in the "Before" picture isn't actually the original fabric.  The person I bought this from did a decent job of recovering it themselves, but then there was still a layer of fabric under that.  And that fabric was installed well!  Mom spent most of the day Thursday just trying to get it all off.  She ended up with a huge blister on her finger and then later I stabbed my palm with a screwdriver while trying to pry out staples.  After all the fabric was off things picked up a little bit, but we did end up making two trips back to the fabric store, once for more material and once for more thread.  Even though it took longer than we wanted, all of Mom's work paid off, because I think it looks great!  I love that I have such a signature piece now.  Because I do have lots of green in the living room I was afraid things would look too Christmas-y.  I'll just have to make sure never to put green pillows on it, and I do want to get red pillows for my couch, to tie it altogether.  In the mean time I'll be cleaning up all the little red threads that are now all over my house!

Before, and what it's always looked like since I've had it.

What it looked like underneath. thanks.

And after!

Yea, definitely need red pillows on the couch.
Love it, and no more slip cover!


  1. Aimee this looks so great! That was so nice of your mom to come down and help you out with this - what a big project! I don't think the room will look too Christmas-y, it all looks great! Your place is so wonderful!

  2. You guys did a great job with this! Looks wonderful!

  3. Nice job on the couch! You are mighty crafty there girl :)

  4. I can't believe you guys did all this yourselves. Usually i get my husband to reupholster something. My hands just can't handle it.

    Congrats on a great job! Reese


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