Saturday, July 16, 2011

Summery Snacks

I knew I would need to go to the grocery store at some point this weekend, I just hadn't decided when, but when I used up all my creamer this morning, I knew I'd have to go today, since I would need creamer for my coffee tomorrow.  I did not feel like showering and getting ready to go out though, it was Saturday and I wanted to be a bum.  But then I realized that even though I hate rolling out of bed and going out in public, I have no problem going for a run and then going out, even though I look about equally as gross.  So that fixed it for me.  Go for a run and then go to the store.  Then I figured it probably wasn't a great idea to run since my ankle was still a little swollen and purple, but no problem, I'll just go for an intense power walk.  So I got dressed and headed out and stopped at the car wash place on the way.  I've been needed to vacuum out my car for forever and figured this was as good a time as any.  Since it was so humid out I worked up a sweat doing all that vacuuming and as I looked in the rear view mirror I thought it looked like I'd just finished working out.  Perfect!  Now I don't even have to go walk and people will ignore the fact that I don't look all that great and my hair is a little greasy and sticking out like crazy, cause they'll think I just worked out.  So I drive by the walking path at ETSU and continue on towards the store.  

As I'm sitting at a stop light I look in the mirror at the car behind me and saw that there was a woman driving and a man sleeping in the passenger seat.  I thought that was a little strange cause it's not like we were on some long road where people drive for miles and miles and you even have the chance the fall asleep.  As I continued watching I noticed that the woman kept looking over at the man every few seconds and then noticed that the man just looked a little strange.  He didn't look relaxed the way you do when you sleep, he just looked really tense and almost like he was frowning.  Then I realized that we were in the turning lane headed toward hospital and would be passing it in less than a mile.  "What if something is wrong with him and they're on their way to the hospital?!?" I thought!  So after the light turned I kept glancing back at them and sure enough they turned into the ER entrance!  All afternoon I've been wondering what was wrong with him and I hate that I'll never find out!  I just hope he's ok.

The rest of the trip was uneventful, except that I bought a watermelon.  As I walked past them, I realized that in all of my adult life, I have never bought a watermelon.  And that is a shame because I love watermelon and they aren't that expensive.  So I picked one up and smiled as I did so.  I also bought strawberries, but that's not as big a deal cause I do that often.  But I was happy because watermelon and strawberries are cheerful summery snacks.

I think strawberries are one of the prettiest fruits, especially the part you throw away.

A delicious sort of mess!  The bowl should be more full, 
because about every other piece I cut I put into my mouth.

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