Saturday, July 30, 2011

Worth the Wait

I am not a very patient person, or as I like to think about it, I'm a very eager person.  So when I moved into my new place I was just oh-so-eager to have everything all finished just the way I wanted.  And it has been hard to wait on finding just the right piece.  For example, my bedside table.  I didn't have one when I moved in, and I knew what I wanted: a small, round pedestal table, that I planned on painting white.  I checked Craigslist every day and Goodwill every week or so, and in the meantime I used my step stool, then when I bought my coffee table and end tables, I used the extra end table.  From time to time I'd see something close to what I wanted and I would consider getting it, but then I'd tell myself "No.  Wait for what you really want."  And I am so glad that I did because last week I finally found it!  I'd been searching Craigslist under the furniture tab, but then I decided to check out the antiques tab, and there they were!  Two round antique pedestal tables, for $30 a piece.  I called the lady and set up a time to go look at them.  They were exactly what I wanted, and each one had different unique characteristics, but I decided to get the slightly larger one.  Once I brought it home and got it next to my bed, I really liked the way the natural wood looked, and I think I'm going to leave it that way.
Excuse all the cords.
And now on to my second search.  I wanted to take the lamp that's been on my bedside table and move it to my kitchen table.  I know putting a lamp on a kitchen table might seam odd, but that corner of my kitchen is really dark and I wanted to brighten it up.  But before I moved that lamp to the kitchen table, I had to find one to replace it on the bedside table.  I found one yesterday at Goodwill that was $6.97, but the lamp shade was broken so I asked for a discount and I got it for $4.97.  But I didn't even care that the lamp shade was broken because it was hideous and I had no intention of using it anyways.  And today I found a burlap one at Target and it looks great!  It coordinates well with the lamp and with the overall look in my bedroom.  I'm so glad that I waited for just what I wanted, and that another aspect of my room is complete!

Love, love, love!

The original shade...eww.


  1. That table is awesome! And I, of course, love burlap! It is so hard to wait for the right thing, but definitely worth it in the end when we end up with what we really want!

  2. Aaaahhh!!! I love the side table, it is absolutely perfect!


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