Saturday, July 30, 2011

Curtain Call

Three posts in one day, definitely a new record!  But I've finished up another project!  There are a few things about my apartment that are a little odd, and one of them is that there are no cabinets under the bathroom sink.  There's a good sized counter, but nothing underneath.  Since I'm short on storage I've got a ton of stuff under there, and I hate that you can just see it all.  I wanted to put up a little curtain under there, and waited until this weekend when Mom would be here with the sewing machine.  We picked up the fabric when we got the fabric for the love seat, but I waited to get the curtain hooks at Walmart.  It was $20 for 8 at the fabric store, and only $5 for 7 at Walmart!  When we got home I put up the curtain rod and clipped the fabric onto the hooks, to figure out how much to hem and all, but when I stood back and looked at it, it just looked funny, not how I had imagined it.  The problem was that the hooks were so large, they hung down a few inches and you could still see all the junk underneath.  Then Mom came up with the solution, hang a second rod behind it with another piece of fabric hanging from it, not a long piece, just enough to block the view to underneath.  

Now, even though I enjoy be crafty, sewing isn't something I have much experience with at all.  So Mom gave me a few directions and tips, but I did all the measuring and cutting and pinning and sewing myself.  Even though the finished product is just three rectangular panels, I'm proud of them.  And not only does the curtain hide everything like I wanted it to, I think it looks cute too!


Brushing up on my sewing skills.


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  1. Looks great! I think you need a sewing machine...:)


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