Monday, July 4, 2011

They're Married!

Well, they're married!  And it was such a fun day!  I had a blast with Amanda and all the bridesmaids during the morning and afternoon getting ready.  We had plenty of time so we were never rushed and stressed.  The girls did yoga (something all the VT roomies would do together), we sang songs at the top of our lungs, and as guests arrived some of the girls cracked a window to look out and gave commentary about who was arriving, what they were wearing, and would even yell crazy things out to people we knew.  Right before it was time to line up we circled up and Emily prayed over Amanda and Jonathan and the rest of the day.  Then it was down the aisle, and the cermony flew by without a hitch.

Watching the guests

Me and Amanda's shoes

We headed to Boonsboro Country Club and took pictures before the reception, and I can't wait to see them!  With the clear skies, sprawling golf course, and mountains in the background, I know they'll be great!  The reception was fabulous (our key word for the weekend) in every way.  The food was good, the music and dancing were good, and everything looked amazing.  I even made it through my Maid of Honor toast without losing it.  I choked up, but it didn't turn into uncontrolable sobs, which I was worried about.  After the toast everyone enjoyed an ice-cream sundae bar, instead of wedding cake, and on a day when the heat was over 100 degrees, it was a welcomed treat!  And then before we knew it they were running down the sidewalk under a banner of sparklers and then they were off!

I know that was such a vague description of the day, but kind of like China, there was so much, it can be hard to sum up.  Once the pictures are up on the photographers's blog I'll post the link.

Our bridesmaids bouquets

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