Thursday, July 7, 2011

Wonderful World of Walmart

I went to Walmart today.  Twice.  Sometimes I feel like I live at Walmart because I really am there several times a week, mostly for work.  With all of the projects and series we do, and all the desserts I make, and considering so much of it ends up being last minute, I'm there a lot.  I went for the first time to buy new halogen light bulbs for the lamp by my desk, because it was out.  We have no overhead lighting in my part of the office, so the lamp is important.  So I went and got the light bulbs and came back and climbed up on top of desk so I could change it (it's a tall lamp).  It's a slightly complicated process to change the bulb, with lots pieces to unscrew and take off and such, so I was quite annoyed when it still didn't turn on.  Turns out the lamp itself was dead.  So back to Walmart later to return the bulbs and buy a new lamp.  And here I am in the bin aisle, buying....bins.  We needed some to store these old curtain/screen things and the best deal were these blue ones, and then the only lids they had left that would fit them were pink, so the bins kind of look like cotton candy.

And for the flowers for Amanda's wedding, we bought all the flowers from Sam's Club, and then my aunt did the bouquets and arrangements.  We had some flowers left over so I brought them home with me because I love having flowers in the house.  I made a few arrangements myself and to dress them up and make them cuter I added some ribbon to the vases/jars.  I'm a sucker for cute ribbon, and if I can find it cheap I'll pick it up and save it for the right occasion, like this one!

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